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Don’t let JACK FROST keep you from your concrete project! PB Materials offers hot water accelerator/chemical accelerators/other additives that may help you improve or defeat all your cold weather problems.

Why Cold Weather and Concrete DON’T mix…

Mixing cold weather with your concrete project can create many issues that could become costly and deteriorate the strength of the concrete. Exposing concrete to low temperatures with the lack of PB Materials’ cold weather additives could prolong the time required to reach the initial set time, making you pull out your wallet and pay your crew more than is needed. Curing is an essential step in producing durability and quality concrete.

Concrete that freezes before it has cured properly can result in a 50% reduction of its ultimate strength, causing a total project re-do, and…pulling your wallet out again.

Quick facts

  • Cold weather is a factor—when concrete reaches 50℉ it begins to set more slowly and can cost you both time and money.
  • Anything below 40℉ will affect the hydration reaction, causing your concrete to become porous and weak.
  • Once your concrete reaches 500 psi it has achieved enough pressure and there’s no longer enough water in the pores to freeze up and damage the concrete.

PB Materials’ Cold Weather Products reduces concrete setting time, ensuring it quickly reaches the proper compressive strength needed, even in cold weather—making your project a solid success!

Lean on us!

Let PB Materials be a part of your next concrete project. We offer top of the line products to tackle your cold weather projects. Using our cold weather additives will keep your concrete cure time on track—kicking Jack Frost to the curb.

We want our customers to partner with us no matter what the season. Come and see what excellence is all about—from worry free transportation to our 5-star customer care. Let’s get started today, and make this project easier with PB Materials!

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