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A Solid Start

When purchasing a key component for your foundation, contact PB Materials for a worry-free start to your project!

It’s crucial to begin with premium materials, especially when durability depends on it. Base Material is used as the primary or underlying to different materials, as well as creating a material for your structure that enforces. Choosing top of the line material is important for your long term success.

Base Material is commonly used as a base for paved surfaces:

  • Gravel
  • Limestone
  • Crushed stone

Aggregate Base Material acts as the parent of other supported material. Its job is to produce years of durability, as well as to be a layer of insulation to reduce the effects of frost and freezing temperatures.

At PB Materials, we produce our own materials to provide you with a premium start to all your foundation projects. When producing Aggregate Base materials, we use only quality Limestone rock and crush it down to 1 ½ minus. When purchasing base material, or any material in the fact, you will be saving money and time by cutting out the middle man. Choosing PB Materials will provide you with solid materials that will deliver outstanding results. Call PB Materials today and start saving money and time for all your materials needs.

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