PB Materials Fine Aggregates

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In this industry, durability is key.

Our premium fine aggregate product is created carefully to provide maximum durability for each job. To create a good concrete mix, fine aggregates need to be clean, hard and free of any materials that could potentially cause deterioration of concrete. Fine Aggregate is generally smaller than about 2/16 of an inch and consists of natural sand and crushed stone. Most particles pass through a ⅜ inch sieve which provides that fine premium product.

Fine aggregate adds tensile strength to create cement mixtures and ensure the durability of concrete. The quality of fine aggregates is of utmost importance.

The characteristics needed to sustain strength in concrete include:

  • grading
  • durability
  • particle shape and surface texture
  • abrasion and skid resistance
  • unit weights and voids
  • absorption and surface moisture

Here at PB Materials, we graduate each material ourselves so we can provide the exact material needed to get the job done right. When you choose to work with PB Materials, not only will you receive our premium products, but you’ll also experience outstanding customer service. We are here to meet all your needs!

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