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At PB Materials our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products, and sand, tank bedding sand and concrete sand are just a few of our many materials that will give your project the “muscle” it needs for optimal durability.

Our sands are not just any ordinary sands. The versatility of it makes it extraordinary. In fact, many of the world’s finest architectural buildings are built from it, as well as simple luxuries like backyard-pools, sandboxes and patio foundations. The durability of our sand is endless, and so is its potential.

A Product You Can Depend On
At PB Materials, we produce all of our own sand products to give you the quality and specifications you need for various jobs. Using other suppliers can sometimes put your project at a disadvantage if they are unfamiliar with the composition of the sand or the methods used to produce it. In addition, many of our competitors may charge you more than what the sand is worth, just to make a profit. Producing and washing our own materials allows us to provide top quality materials to our consumers at an affordable price.

Other names for sand may include:

  • Utility Sand
  • Pipe Sand
  • Asphalt Sand
  • Paver Sand
  • ASTM C144

It’s Time to Partner with PB Materials
Let our knowledgeable background and experience in the industry give you the helping hand needed for that competitive edge. When purchasing a versatile product like masonry, bedding, concrete or any of our vast types of sand, turn to PB Materials to make each job a smooth finish!

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