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Planning a project isn’t always easy, but partnering up with PB Materials will make each job a breeze especially when your project depends on durability while developing concrete. At PB Materials, we offer top-of-the-line material that is accessible for you. We manufacture our own Sand, the backbone to all concrete processing. The properties in Manufactured Sand provide strength to the concrete to withstand the hardship of environmental conditions, prevents corrosion and moisture, and helps with the effect of freezing and thawing outcomes

Fewer Defects

Manufactured Sand properties have an optimum initial and final setting time, which will help prevent specific problems during your concrete project, such as:

  • Segregation
  • Bleeding
  • Honeycombing
  • Voids and Capillarity

The Importance of Manufactured Sand

Durability is top priority when concrete is involved. Manufactured Sand makes concrete more compact and dense; therefore, producing optimal strength and workability. Its shape, smooth surface textures, and consistency make Manufactured Sand the most effective and suitable for construction.

The versatility of Manufactured Sand is beneficial in many ways. Since we aggregate our materials, we are able to supply you with the proper specifications required by asphalt and concrete mixes, such as a specific distribution of aggregate sizes and shapes. Call PB Materials today to discuss our premium Manufactured Sand!

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