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At PB Materials, we are always looking to improve our company, especially customer satisfaction. Using the “tech world” improves the quality of customer service and promotes success in our customer’s business as well. GPS monitoring gives us many advantages and enables us to serve you with excellence.

Customer Service at Its Finest

We have made a favorable impact across West Texas and Southern New Mexico, supplying these regions with premium services and products. GPS tracking allows us to provide customers with precise information on deliveries, eliminating delays and providing first-class deliveries. We are able to track our trucks so that we can create superior route planning and give our customers the advantage of access to real-time visibility on location and data. GPS tracking improves the safety of our drivers allowing direct assistance which supports customer satisfaction. PB Materials wants to provide on-time deliveries, every time!

One-Stop Shop

Here at PB Materials, we provide your company with all its construction material needs — from providing quality material and on-time deliveries, to establishing “personal” customer service. We have centralized call centers and dispatch so we can provide outstanding service. There are a number of benefits to having a centralized call center:

  • Monitor deliveries
  • Speed and status of deliveries
  • Quality customer relations

Communication is our priority

Communication is the foundation of success. GPS tracking enables us to provide you with precise information on deliveries, and our centralized call center gives you the advantage of communicating with an experienced team who will handle all issues and concerns. PB Materials is committed to maintaining the necessary tools to provide the highest levels of communication, thus creating complete customer satisfaction. With our combined experience of over 200 years in this industry, you can count of PB Materials for excellence. Call PB materials for all your project needs!

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