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As a proud member of the PB Materials team, I cannot say enough about how exciting this business has become. We are passionate about safety, our employees, our customers and our community. We pride ourselves on being the Permian Basin’s leading supplier of ready mix concrete, construction aggregates and specialty aggregates. Our commitment to technological advancements in each of our product lines is opening new doors, further advancing our goal of continuing to providing superior materials to the marketplace. We are in partnership and working on many new developments that will advance the markets we serve. In fact, over the past year, we have invested heavily in operational improvements to be prepared for the growth of the Permian Basin. We are also investing in our employees and are constantly seeking top quality candidates to support our needs. I am personally very proud of our employee base and excited for the direction of the organization.

— CEO, Chris Crouch

Building Materials & Construction Distributors.

Our History

Since 1947, Wallach Concrete, Highland Concrete, and Crockett County Mining have developed a regional footprint with strategically placed aggregate and ready-mix facilities across West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. This allows for lower transportation cost, timely deliveries and better customer service. In addition, the combined management teams have over 200 years of industry and product knowledge.

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Fine and Coarse Aggregates

OUR PRODUCTS FINE AND COARSE AGGREGATES A Solid Foundation For All Of Your Projects As one of the most accessible natural resources and a major basic raw material, there are many suppliers you could turn to, but not all aggregate providers hold the same high standards of quality you will find with PB Materials. Did … Read more


OUR PRODUCTS PRE-CAST Our pre-cast capabilities extend from pump jack bases to concrete walls for construction use.

Portable Aggregates

OUR PRODUCTS PORTABLE AGGREGATES We offer portable Aggregates and have multiple Eagle crushers ranging from 500-05CC to UM1200-25CC producing up to 400 tons per hour. We currently have land resources throughout TX, NM, OK.

Portable Ready-Mix

OUR PRODUCTS PORTABLE READY-MIX Our portable division operates multiple Ready Mix Concrete Plants. We currently have land resources throughout TX, NM, OK. If you have a project where portable plants will help with timely delivery schedules please contact PB Materials to discuss how we might be of assistance. It is our objective to meet our … Read more

Crushed Limestone

OUR PRODUCTS CRUSHED LIMESTONE Crushed stone is used as a base material for roadways; as railroad ballast material; and is an essential component in the construction and paving of roadways, water and sewer systems, and buildings of all types and purposes. Crushed stone also serves well in applications for water filtration and erosion control.

Sand and Gravel

OUR PRODUCTS SAND & GRAVEL Sand and gravel is one of the most accessible natural resources and a major basic raw material, used mostly by the construction industry.Of the many uses for Sand and Gravel, Decorative River Gravel is very common in areas where matching the terrain and local colors are important. Decorative aspects of … Read more


OUR PRODUCTS READY MIX Ready Mix Concrete is the foundation of most structures throughout the world. Concrete can be poured in place on your jobsite, poured off site and transported to the job site or poured on the job site and erected as in tilt wall construction. Concrete is used for all applications of construction, … Read more