Portable Aggregates

The term “portable” indicates we can set up aggregate production equipment at different sites as needed. This flexibility can be particularly valuable in industries such as construction, where having access to large quantities of aggregate materials at the site of a project can be a significant advantage.



Benefits of Portable Aggregates


The versatility of Portable Aggregates brings numerous benefits. The flexibility allows production to occur at remote or challenging sites, offering unmatched convenience. This approach is also cost-effective, as it significantly reduces transportation expenses. Furthermore, it saves time that would otherwise be spent on logistics and delivery coordination. The ability to customize production provides control over the aggregate size and type, tailored to specific project needs. Lastly, by minimizing long-distance transportation, it contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint.


Portable Aggregates offer wide-ranging availability due to their inherent flexibility. They can be produced directly at or near the project site, regardless of its location, even if it’s remote or challenging to access. This capability stems from the use of portable equipment that can be set up as needed. Furthermore, their availability isn’t constrained by traditional logistics and transportation issues, providing a reliable supply of aggregates. Thus, with portable aggregates, projects can proceed without delays due to aggregate supply concerns.


Portable Aggregates present a cost-effective solution for many construction projects. The direct, on-site production significantly reduces transportation costs associated with moving aggregates from a central location to a project site. This savings can have a substantial impact on project budgets, especially for large-scale or remote projects where transportation costs would be high. Additionally, the ability to control the production volume can prevent over-purchasing, thus optimizing resource allocation. Therefore, the adoption of Portable Aggregates can lead to considerable financial savings, making it a highly affordable option for many scenarios.


The attractiveness of Portable Aggregates lies in their distinct advantages that streamline construction processes. Their flexibility to be produced at any project location eliminates the need for long-distance transportation, which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The time saved in logistics and delivery coordination can expedite project timelines, a factor that’s attractive to project managers. The ability to customize the size and type of aggregates allows for bespoke solutions tailored to specific project needs. In addition, the reduced carbon footprint resulting from minimized transportation distances contributes to sustainability goals, enhancing their appeal in today’s eco-conscious construction industry.


The durability of Portable Aggregates is comparable to those produced in traditional, stationary facilities. Despite the portability of the production equipment, the quality and durability of the aggregates are not compromised. These aggregates, whether they are crushed stone, gravel, or other types, undergo the same rigorous production and quality control processes, ensuring they meet the necessary standards for construction use. The strength, hardness, and durability of these aggregates make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from road construction to building foundations. Therefore, the use of Portable Aggregates does not mean a trade-off in durability, reassuring users of their long-lasting performance.

Available Locations

Select Crushed Limestone products are available at each location.  

Sanderson Hwy
Ft. Stockton TX

30.720654 -102.742772
9115 W. County Rd 60
Midland TX. 79706
32.002151 -102.262978
6240 N State Hwy 18
Ft. Stockton TX 79735

31.071537 -102.891861
18200 West I20
Odessa TX 79363
31.764434 -102.569527
876 N US Highwy 67
Girvin TX 79740
30.96921 -102.561549
1084 CR 220
Rankin TX. 79778
31.23335 -101.89328

57 Limestone Rock

 Base for concrete or asphalt, Driveways or parking lots, or Under decks (not visible)

Grade #5

Asphalt mix, septic tanks, piping, driveway, roads. 

3×5 Cobbs

This material is not a riverrock and is not washed, this material is crushed and has rough edge’s, packs together very well, has a powder substance. 

Grade 4 (1/2 rock)

Driveways, Playground, Parks, etc

Concrete Sand

Hot Asphalt, pipe sand, base layer, leveling above ground pools, patios, walkways, horse stables, concrete paving stones. 

Grade 5 Remix (3/8 Remix)

Used to make concrete, concrete jobs, construction sites, decretive scenery, etc