Portable Ready-Mix

“Portable Ready-Mix” typically refers to a process where ready-mix concrete – a type of concrete that is manufactured in a factory or batching plant, according to a set recipe, and then delivered to a work site – is produced using portable equipment. This portability allows the ready-mix concrete to be produced directly at the construction site, or very close to it, which can significantly reduce transportation costs and time. The concrete is then available for immediate use upon production, ensuring its freshness and optimum performance. This method offers the advantage of on-site customization, allowing adjustments to the mix as per the specific requirements of the project. Therefore, Portable Ready-Mix is a flexible and efficient solution, particularly for construction projects that are remote or have unique concrete needs.


Benefits of Portable Ready-Mix


\Portable Ready-Mix offers high versatility that can be extremely beneficial for various construction projects. Its production process can be initiated directly at the construction site, accommodating projects located in remote areas or those requiring immediate availability of concrete. The ability to adjust the concrete mix on-site allows for customized solutions, catering to unique project requirements or last-minute changes. This flexibility can ensure that the concrete’s properties align with the specific demands of the project, whether it’s high strength, fast setting, or other characteristics. Thus, the versatility of Portable Ready-Mix provides tailored, efficient, and timely solutions for a broad range of construction scenarios.


Portable Ready-Mix concrete boasts a high degree of availability, making it an optimal choice for a variety of construction projects. The portable nature of the production equipment allows for on-site or near-site production, ensuring a fresh and immediate supply of concrete, irrespective of the project’s location. This approach circumvents traditional logistical challenges and delays related to transporting ready-mix concrete from a central factory to the construction site. Moreover, the ability to produce concrete on demand means the supply can be adjusted based on the project’s evolving needs, avoiding both shortages and excess. Therefore, Portable Ready-Mix’s availability offers a reliable and flexible solution, even in dynamic or remote construction scenarios.


Portable Ready-Mix offers a cost-effective solution for many construction scenarios. By facilitating on-site or near-site production of ready-mix concrete, it significantly curtails transportation expenses, which can be a substantial part of the total cost in traditional ready-mix concrete delivery. Moreover, the ability to produce concrete on demand helps optimize resource utilization, preventing unnecessary expenditures on excess concrete. Minimizing the time and resources spent on coordination and logistics also contributes to cost savings. Furthermore, the capacity to tailor the concrete mix to specific project requirements can lead to better efficiency and less wastage. Thus, Portable Ready-Mix not only provides financial advantages but also promotes economic sustainability in construction projects.


The attractiveness of Portable Ready-Mix lies in its inherent versatility that addresses various challenges in the construction industry. The ability to produce high-quality ready-mix concrete directly at the construction site eliminates the need for long-distance transportation, making it both a cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution. This approach also provides a high degree of flexibility, enabling the customization of the concrete mix to meet specific project requirements, a factor highly appealing to construction managers. Furthermore, its on-demand production aligns with modern lean construction principles, reducing waste and improving efficiency. Lastly, the portable ready-mix process supports quick response to changing project conditions, enhancing its attractiveness to stakeholders in dynamic construction environments.


The durability of Portable Ready-Mix concrete is comparable to that of traditionally produced ready-mix concrete. Despite the flexibility and mobility of the production process, the integrity and quality of the concrete are not compromised. The concrete is mixed according to a precise recipe and under controlled conditions, ensuring that it meets the required strength and durability specifications. Being produced and used on-site or near-site, the concrete is fresh upon delivery, maintaining its optimum performance characteristics. This proximity also reduces the risk of premature setting during transport, further preserving the durability of the concrete. Therefore, Portable Ready-Mix concrete offers the advantage of site-specific customization without sacrificing the longevity and robustness essential for construction projects.

Available Locations

Select Crushed Limestone products are available at each location.  

Sanderson Hwy
Ft. Stockton TX

30.720654 -102.742772
9115 W. County Rd 60
Midland TX. 79706
32.002151 -102.262978
6240 N State Hwy 18
Ft. Stockton TX 79735

31.071537 -102.891861
18200 West I20
Odessa TX 79363
31.764434 -102.569527
876 N US Highwy 67
Girvin TX 79740
30.96921 -102.561549
1084 CR 220
Rankin TX. 79778
31.23335 -101.89328

57 Limestone Rock

 Base for concrete or asphalt, Driveways or parking lots, or Under decks (not visible)

Grade #5

Asphalt mix, septic tanks, piping, driveway, roads. 

3×5 Cobbs

This material is not a riverrock and is not washed, this material is crushed and has rough edge’s, packs together very well, has a powder substance. 

Grade 4 (1/2 rock)

Driveways, Playground, Parks, etc

Concrete Sand

Hot Asphalt, pipe sand, base layer, leveling above ground pools, patios, walkways, horse stables, concrete paving stones. 

Grade 5 Remix (3/8 Remix)

Used to make concrete, concrete jobs, construction sites, decretive scenery, etc